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Cafe Demetrio | History


Cafe Demetrio | Coral Gables

The idea for Café Demetrio was planted in 1991. A family member said to Demetrio, "That special coffee you make is unique and delicious, no one makes coffee like you. Why don't you open a café?" Demetrio made coffee "cortadito" style (called Café Demetrio here) for many years. Every time he made it, the more delicious it got, and each time he perfected and shared it he would think, "No matter what nationality I serve, everyone seems to love my coffee!" Demetrio always knew how to find the perfect grain to mix with his secret flavorings, to brew up the most rich and delectable coffee treats.

As years passed by, the idea of starting a business started to sound increasingly appealing. The concept developed in the minds of Demetrio and his wife, Vilma, into starting a European style "Coffee House". An avid chess player all his life, Demetrio was reading the history of the sport when he came across the catalyst for this idea. Since the 1700's important people of Europe would come together in these elegant Coffee Houses to talk about politics, business and life, all the while enjoying a game of chess. This was the perfect combination for Demetrio.


Demetrio and Vilma knew this concept would be new to Miami as it always seemed overpopulated with different types of Restaurants and Cafeterias, but lacked the kind of charming, enriching establishment they dreamed of. They finally decided to begin the project. With no experience in this type of business, they experienced many bumps along the way, but pressed on and in 1994 found the perfect Coral Gables location (current location).

This 1926 building had just the unique and historical look to complete what would become their ultimate coffee and cultural haven. Maintaining the integrity of the structure was extremely important to the team, so while the building has been totally reconstructed inside, the original, charming look remains. The decorations and ambience are overseen by Vilma herself, collecting and adding special European touches with small details to the café. Elated to share this experience with South Florida, Café Demetrio finally opened its doors in 1997.

300 Alhambra Circle | Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: (305) 448-4949
Monday - Friday
7:30am - 6pm
9am - 6pm
Free WiFi